Summer… there is was, gone! Summer was good this year but now it’s time has come and gone. It’s like someone flicked the season switch at 1 second past midnight August 31 and turned summer off. As of September 1st, the air feels different, the sun looks different and coolness of autumn is in the air both day and night. As I sit typing, the smell of fresh game frying in the pan ¬†assures me that the days of golden foliage and the smell of the wood stoves is upon us. I welcome it. I have always enjoyed the autumn more than any other season simply because it’s a mix of summer and winter. The temperature is not too hot and not too cool. The air smells fresh yet a little smoky. It’s a season of mixes and comfort for me. I guess what they say about variety being the spice of life holds true in this case.1397